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How it Works

More Accurate Data With PacketStream's Residential Proxy Network

PacketStream's multi-hop proxy tunnel enables businesses automation tooling to access more reliable data and unlock geolocation-restricted content. Access the network with your existing data-collection tooling, or use one of PacketStream's marketplace apps.

Packeters share their un-utilized bandwidth with the PacketStream network and get paid for participating. The PacketStream service measures the amount of bandwidth shared and credits your account accordingly.

Business Use-Cases

Is Your Business Intelligent?

Content Verification

Anonymously view landing pages from residential IPs without being cloaked to ensure they don't contain malware or improper advertising.

Publishers and advertisers use PacketStream to ensure brand safety and verify that their products & services are never misrepresented.

Price Comparison

Learn how competitors algorithmically price their offerings to users in different regions and locations.

When your data-collection requests come from real residential IP addresses you'll never be blocked or served misleading results by competitors.

Brand Protection

Monitor the web for improper uses of intellectual property and trademarks and see exactly what a normal user would see from their home connection.

PacketStream's network of residential IPs ensure your requests never get blocked or cloaked.

Social Media Marketing

Use residential IPs to manage your social media accounts and grow your brand. Geolocalized IPs give you insights into what's going on around the world on social platforms.

See the same content that your target audiences see and reach your target demographics more effectively.


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PacketStream's exclusive residential IP network helps your business grow faster with less resources. Business automation tooling gives your company greater insights into what competitors are doing, expands your brand's reach, and ensures your brand's safety around the web.


What Our Customers
Say About Us

PacketStream is focused on providing customers with the tools they need to succeed. From having the most affordable service on the market, to building easy to use apps, all of PacketStream's efforts are built around the customer experience. That's why our customers love us as much as we love them.

PacketStream's business intelligence marketplace allowed my company to analyze and learn about my competition in ways that I didn't think were possible. Since then we've optimized our pricing and increased our revenue.

Charlie B.

All I have to say is how easy it's been. I signed up, went to my account dashboard to get my credentials, and I was live. I've never experienced such a streamlined service, and for that I'm going to be a customer for life.

Marissa F.

My company leveled up after working with PacketStream. The social media automation tools that PacketStream has available is like nothing I've worked with before. I've saved so much time since working with PacketStream.

Yuri K.

If you're not using PacketStream for your business intelligence automation, then do you really care about your business? All jokes aside though, PacketStream has been one of the most powerful tools in our companies arsenal. Cheers!

Robbie F.