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How it Works

It's easy to protect your privacy and help others do the same with the PacketStream network.

PacketStream routes your computer's traffic through others users in the PacketStream network. PacketStream's network routing system prevents big data companies from tracking your IP address as you browse the web.



  • Get Paid to Participate
  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Access Global Content
  • Prevent Unfair Blocks

Get Paid to Participate

Packeters are compensated for participating in the network. The PacketStream service measures the amount of bandwidth shared and credits your account accordingly.

Protect Your Privacy

Protect your privacy from digital snoopers. PacketStream rotates your IP address as you browse the web to help prevent big data companies collect personal information for profit.

Access Global Content

Choose your exit IP's geolocation and gain the benefits of viewing region-locked content from any location.

Prevent Unfair Blocks

Unlike TOR and traditional VPN/Proxy services, PacketStream's exit IPs come from residential broadband customers which means sites won't block or redirect your traffic for abnormal browsing behavior.